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Superpresent is a quarterly magazine of the arts. Superpresent is available free online and a limited run of print copies for each issue. Superpresent publishes poems, short stories, essays, visual art pieces, experimental art, video art, and sound art.

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world.

No fees for submission.

The theme for the Winter 2023 issue is Food. Food not only in the literal sense but also in the metaphorical sense. What feeds us? What feeds our mind? What do we feed others? What do we hunger for? All food for thought.

We are are seeking poetry, short stories, essays, experimental art, video, sound art, all forms of visual art as well as asemic writing and textual arts of all kinds.

Submissions Due November 15th

Visual Art Guidelines:

Written Guidelines :

Video and Sound Guidelines:

Include a 50-100 word bio written in the third person with your submission.

Please send your submissions to

Copyright and publication specifications: First Serial Rights

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